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BOOK 1 Kids Video Book


This video of The Thump in the Night includes the storybook in an online video format with the option for a guided lesson with a certified Music Teacher. All you have to do is push play!

Purchase also includes extra music tracks for lesson extensions and coloring pages to share.

1st Adventure: Thump in the Night
Series: Mystic Publishing/Freddie Frog
Publisher: Mystic Publishing
Format: Video Book and Lesson ONLINE CONTENT
Artist: Freddie the Frog
Author: Sharon Burch


Freddie the frog explores Treble Clef Island and discovers two big adventures-one from the inside of a crocodile! The treble clef staff comes alive as a map of where Freddie lives. Various lines and spaces represent each part of the story. Introduces 4- to 9-year-olds to six treble clef notes in a captivating way! Video includes the story narration as well as two bonus sing-along tracks.


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BOOK 1 Kids Video Book”

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