Freddie Basics Crash Course

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An online crash course in using the Freddie The Frog® resources in your music classroom that you can start today!

Are you experiencing the “Magic of Freddie” in your music classroom?

If you already experience the magic of Freddie, bravo!! 

As a kindergarten student once said,
“I love Freddie. That’s why I love music!”


What is the “Magic of Freddie?”

  • Students enter your music classroom eager to find out what their friend, Freddie The Frog, has planned for music today. 
  • Everything is Freddie’s idea, and kids love whatever Freddie loves.
  • This love for Freddie works as a great classroom management tool! When the room gets a little out of control, Freddie gets scared and wants to hide. (No one wants scare or hurt Freddie!) 
  • Students learn through story, movement, and singing games.
  • Students give Freddie a hug or a high-five as they leave the room.

That’s the Magic of Freddie.

I’d hate for you to miss out on experiencing the “magic of Freddie” in your classroom.

If you would love to have the same magic in your classroom,
I invite you to dive into the Freddie Basics Crash Course. 

Trust me, it’s worth a weekend or holiday break binge!
You’ll learn exactly how I used Freddie for years with incredible success. Teachers who’ve completed the mini-workshop and watched the videos share the same results!


Do you own one or more Freddie The Frog storybooks and would love to learn how to use them in your music classroom?

Or, are you wondering what teaching with Freddie The Frog is and how it works before you purchase?

Would you like to discover the magic of teaching music with Freddie The Frog?

Using Freddie The Frog transformed my teaching and he can transform yours.

Click to purchase the Freddie Basics Crash Course and get started right away!

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Freddie Basics Crash Course

  1. Stacy Cole

    I have been LOVING your crash course. I have incorporated your books into all of my September lessons so far. The kids are picking up the ideas and concepts of beat and rhythm so clearly, and have a clearer understanding of the treble clef than most of my piano students! I love it.

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